Melik Abdul — Communications Director

Melik Abdul is a media commentator, political strategist, and community activist with over 15 years of public and private sector experience in public relations and policy. Since walking away from the Democratic Party in 2016, he has carved out unique space as an advocate for conservative policies and key player in expanding the Black conservative movement.

Uncanny in his ability to appeal to audiences on both sides of the political aisle and offer analysis across a broad spectrum of disciplines, Melik has become a frequent guest on One America News, Black News Channel, RT America, and Roland Martin Unfiltered. He has also sat for interviews with national publications and appeared on a growing number of local TV and radio networks.

Melik began his federal government service as a political appointee of President George W. Bush. After several years working on a number of political campaigns, he began consulting with conservative groups to build out their organization’s infrastructure. Currently, he independently advises U.S. Senators, state, local leaders, and political candidates on communication and minority engagement strategies.

A native of Jackson, MS and with a B.A. in English from the University of the District of Columbia, his passion for demystifying the Republican Party makes him a sought after and reliable conservative voice.page2image3730960