At Unite the Fight PAC, we’re building a nationwide movement to STOP and DEFEAT AOC and her pals in The Squad, who are driving an extreme-left socialist agenda in the United States Congress!

The avowed socialists and anti-American radicals belong NOWHERE near the levers of power in Washington – yet their influence within the Democratic Party continues to grow.

AOC is the ringleader of The Squad of unhinged radicals who want to “burn down” the system. Their influence is growing in Congress, and they have their eyes on higher offices… while they fan the flames of chaos in our streets.

These people MUST be stopped, and ultimately defeated and kicked out of office.

America is on the ballot on November 3rd, 2020. We must stand united to fight back and save America’ future. That’s why Scherie launched Unite The Fight PAC, and we need conservatives across America on board.