Matthew Sanchez — Policy Coordinator

Born in Long Island, New York to a single mother of 4 children, Matthew was taught to always work diligently and earn his keep with the advice that nobody could ever take away one’s own effort.  He attended Holy Trinity Diocesan High School standing out as an athlete, serving as a captain of the track and field team, and joining the school’s jazz band program. 

Initially entering University for physical therapy as a recruit for Mount St. Mary’s track and field program, Matthew started frequenting political conversations among his peers and eventually chose to dedicate his time fully to understanding the political realm.  Having worked directly for a congressional campaign in New York and canvassed on behalf of other state and local campaigns in Wisconsin resulting in wins for their respective primaries, Matthew has hit the ground running. 

These experiences humbled him to an immense degree, hearing out the real and prevalent issues of everyday voters on all isles of the political spectrum, exchanging and advocating on behalf of candidates that bring out a mixture of ideas to the communities that they reside in. Now in his final year at the Mount, Matthew is pursuing a degree in political science with a focus on pragmatic solutions for the community with an earnest will to learn, grow, and live significantly by being an aid to those around him.